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We started our honeymoon on a four-day Windjammer cruise from Miami to the island of Nassau in the Bahamas. We sailed on the S.V. Legacy, a four-masted sail boat (imagine a pirate ship). This four-masted Barquentine, formerly the France II, was built in 1959 by Forges et al Meditterranee of Le Havre, France and served as a meteorological research vessel for the French Government. Acquired by Windjammer in 1989, she was renovated with custom interiors, spacious accommodations and state-of-the-art navigational systems.

We usually sailed at night and then anchored in the early afternoon. We would pile into little boats that would then take us to deserted islands. The first island we went to had sting rays! You had to be careful stepping into the water. The sting rays were so friendly and are used to humans so they would swim right up to you and let you touch them. Their underbellies are so soft.

When we docked at Nassau, that offically ended our cruise and began our island adventure. We stayed at the Sandals resort, an all-inclusive exclusive resort specifically for honeymooners and other couples (no kids). The food was decent but can't say it was excellent. They have a few "five star" restaurants, but we weren't really sure where they got their stars from. But since the food was free, we gorged ourselves which is always fun. Sandals has a small island which they boat people to. The island has a restaurant on it called Goombay Cafe. That was probably one of the tastier nights but there were sooo many bugs. They were so small you coudn't see them, but you could definitely feel them make a meal out of your skin. Fred got chewed up quite a bit on his arm, but we were luckily warned before going so we both had long pants on, even though it was soooo hot and humid. On the last night we decided to leave the resort in search for a great restaurant. We found ourselves, with two other couples, at the Poop Deck. It was really good, but then again...lobster is always good!

Though there were quite a few activities we could have partook in, we chose the lazy route and spent most of the five days lounging in the pool next to the bar. We did, however, leave the comfort of the pool to do an underwater sub adventure and to sail on a mini sailboat.

The Sub Adventure

This was a first for us. We've snorkeled before, but this was truly a different adventure. The best way to explain it was we were on underwater scooters. We each got our own "scooter" which had your basic go/stop function. Our heads were in a glass bubble that was filled with oxygen, but the rest of our body was directly touching the water. The subs didn't move too fast, a precaution we presumed to prevent any accidents. The top of our bubble helmets were connected to a buey that kept us from toppling to the side (and thus filling our bubble helmet with water). It was really interesting and there were tons of fish. When we were finished with the subs, we were given 30 more minutes to snorkel. Fred and I purchased fish food and were able to take some pretty good underwater shots where we were surrounded by hundreds of hungry fishies.

It was difficult to come home after the honeymoon and we were immediately thinking about what our next vacation would be. Doing absolutely nothing was wonderful and perfect for a honeymoon, but now we're looking for more adventures for our next trip!


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